Who, Me?

Do I Need This As a Pastor?

“Warning Signs: Potential Downfall for Christian Leaders”

  • Reading the table of contents of a book looking for only those chapters that are “applicable”
  • Skipping over Scripture passages while reading a book
  • Discounting potential resources because of “author bias”
  • Assuming your devotions are taken care of in your ministry prep (sermons, Sunday school lessons, etc.)
  • “Workship”; spending inordinate amounts of time “on the job”
  • When outside fellowship events and functions begin to feel like an obligation
  • A loss of joy in working with people
  • Using negative phrases such as “I have to…”
  • When you feel the church is not meeting your expectations (financially, emotionally, etc.)
  • Decline in prayer and devotion with your spouse

Questions to consider:

  • Do you speak because the Holy Spirit has a message or do you talk up your agenda to change people?
  • When does your frustration level exceed your capacity to function effectively?
  • If you were to see Jesus now, what would you have to hide, prove, defend or explain?