From a spouse:

“I watched my husband go through so many emotional roller coaster rides. The difficult parts of ministry, the loss of motivation, and the shattered feelings of not being connected to what he felt he was called. I remember one evening on the deck he said, ‘I just wish there was a way for me to find my way back to my calling and that God would give me a ministry again.’

Reclaim Leadership provided him with a perspective of life and of ministry that was missing. He became energized and motivated. He found joy in everyday ways that God was moving. My prayer is that other wives of pastors will discover Reclaim Leadership and encourage their ‘broken husband’ to never give up – to keep following their call – and to trust that the Holy Spirit is bigger than their circumstances.

That would not have happened without Reclaim Leadership coming into our lives.

We have RECLAIMED our home, our purpose, and our calling.”

JAL – Carrollton, Texas


From a Pastor after receiving Coaching:

“I ministered full-time for over 15 years and was told one evening, “I don’t want to be a pastors wife anymore”. The fallout and the loss from that was more than I could ever explain in a short testimonial. The emptiness that followed the accusations and the separation from being involved in what I knew God had called me to do was overwhelming.

As a pastor with a ‘Scarlet D’ on his forehead, I applied to over 800 churches. Nothing happened and no doors were opened, which lead to an even deeper level of questioning and hurt.

Reclaim Leadership provided perspective, hope, and healing. It gave me a more clear understanding of my gifts and put that into a context for ministry in arenas that I had never considered before.”

RL – Indianapolis, Indiana


From a Pastor after his Minister Recalibration Retreat:

“…You were a great listener and encouraged me to elaborate on my life and how God has shaped me and molded me. His timing for my retreat was great as He is reaffirming me in His calling for my life and in stewarding the gifts He has blessed me with…

The setting was very inviting and relaxing. And I appreciate you not forcing me to keep fishing after I got shutout and for not boasting when you caught two fish! I thought the time of reflection and the questions were very good. They helped crystallize some things for me. I also loved hearing your story…

Thanks again for your heart for me and for our pastor brothers and sisters!”

BD – Carrollton, Texas


From a Pastor after his Minister Recalibration Retreat:

“…I don’t think about it much but I’ve come to realize that generally I am wound pretty tight. It took most of the day for me to get used to just doing nothing! At first I questioned whether I was using my time well because I’ve always got to be doing something. It was good for me to sit back or walk or fish and reflect on the questions you gave me. It was also good to leave my church responsibilities at the office that day.

Being able to take a nap in the afternoon, something I don’t generally allow myself to do, was therapeutic… for a guy who is dealing with the more mediocre variety of issues with work, ministry, family…etc. I still found the day invigorating and encouraging.

Thanks again for making it possible!”

JJ – Lewisville, Texas

From a Pastor after his Minister Recalibration Retreat:

“Eric has great discipline in waiting on the Lord, listening to people and being comfortable in that space.”

NT – Dallas, Texas