S.E.R.V.A.N.T Leaders Note

(Post 6 of 7)

Walking through conflict requires a leader to be attentive to the dialogue. Here are a few key ways to help those in conflict come to an agreement and move forward:

– Capture specific points along the way and note them as mutual agreements. 

– Create a written document that provides appropriate accountability. Suggest third party resources for assistance after your involvement.

– Bullet point steps moving forward while capturing points to celebrate. This can be done by listening for “buzz words”; those emotional, sometimes passive statements that speak to the heart and motivation behind a statement. 

– Formulate a plan of action directly linked to the solution; measurable yet simple. Bullet point lists work well to simplify agreements on moving forward.

– Note positive agreements, points of confession, and forgiveness granted by those involved. Point out these areas of agreement and celebrate the fact they agree!

Finally, prepare this document for the parties in conflict to sign and take with them. Their action items serve as conversation for follow up.

The final post in the S.E.R.V.A.N.T. Leader series will focus on follow up and what taking next steps look like.

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