S.E.R.V.A.N.T. Leaders Acknowledge

(Post 5 of series)

When leading others through conflict, there is a need for your leadership to take on great depth of discernment in helping to acknowledge hurts, fears, and hopes.

A creative way to do this is to draw two horizontal lines significantly spaced above/below one another on a flip chart or dry erase board and communicate that distance between expectations and reality as disappointment. Expectations the top line, reality the bottom line.

One of two things must change. Either lower your expectations or raise the bar on reality. Otherwise, the disappointment of the situation will continue to provide fuel to hurts and fears in the conflict.

These disappointments do three things:

1. Breed hurt that must be addressed relationally

2. Foster fears that require definition to unveil unknown variables

3. Provide opportunities to infuse hope

Leaders who take time to acknowledge the hurt, fears, and hopes are more inclined to bring the conflict toward resolution and the next step in S.E.R.V.A.N.T. Leadership: Note Agreements.

The next post in the series will guide you in doing just that.

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