Christmas Wish List

Here’s a blurb from my upcoming book “Breathing Space: A Respite for Ministry Leaders”. This portion is from the reflection for December:

“One birth above all other births! It’s Jesus! He’s here… he’s actually here! But wait… according to our society, that news is old. It’s now a season of gift giving off of wish lists while we tell stories about a round jolly guy in a red suit. Make sure your finances are in order because the more kids you have, the more the budget takes a hit.

The reality of the Christmas season has us walking that line of revering the holy and haggling deals with retailers. The ultimate gift to mankind is overlooked at worst and underwhelmed at best.”

“Breathing Space” is a book that challenges ministry leaders to take a day away each calendar month to commit a six hour block of uninterrupted time away engaging thought provoking questions to clarify and center your calling to ministry. It’s not a daily devotional, it’s a monthly retreat.

Look for the book release in January 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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