Morphing & Ministry Musts

I recently found myself sitting in another meeting. Not a typical meeting, but a meeting that has lasted the past three days! Yep, three days. I’m sure you’ve sat in meetings that felt like three days, but seriously! Three days. Our church is going through a process of evaluating, interviewing, and choosing a vendor for our rather large database. Initially excited to be out of my office, it faded quickly when my two questions were answered in 30 seconds and I had six more hours the first day, seven hours yesterday, and six more hours today. So I find myself sitting in another meeting. Moaning, yet celebrating how our ministry has morphed to the need for such a meeting! You probably called me on that one. I’m just trying to psych myself up to make it through these last several hours. Partially true. Here’s what I do know: Sometimes, moaning through meetings because ministry has morphed is a ministry must. The challenge is to celebrate the reason you’re in the meeting in the first place.

Lunch provided is a bonus!

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