What’s Eric Writing?

The Healing Power of Identity: Bringing Christ in You to the Pain of Conflict helps Christians take the Gospel message from an outward experience (What Christ has done for me) to an internal expression (What Christ is doing through me) while applying this truth to the conflicts of life. Explore the spiritual identity of Christ followers in light of behavioral reality when conflict threatens relationships. This journey has the potential to plunge you into the depths of understanding the pain of conflict, higher heights of living your identity in Christ, and the spiritual awareness to connect the two.
You will find yourself evaluating, considering, and applying concepts with incredible power to heal the hurts of relational strife. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, this book will change the way you live in the midst of conflict. You will be challenged, encouraged, and prayerfully humbled by The Healing Power of Identity: Bringing Christ in You to the Pain of Conflict.

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  1. In the midst of conflict, emotions can be high and wounds can be deep. The reality of our identity in Christ changes our position from being reactive to being pro-active as He works through us, His ambassadors. Sometimes I remember to walk in the Spirit in conflict; sometimes I don’t. The outcome of each is remarkably different. I look forward to reading your book, Eric.

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