Assume Correctly

Assumptions and the Victorious Christian Life. You have to have a correct one before you can claim the other.

We wake up and walk through our day with assumptions. We assume the alarm clock will go off at the appointed time. We assume water will run through the plumbing as we tackle our morning routine. We assume the meeting at 2:00pm will be positive or negative. For some the assumption is status quo. We assume because we have set our minds to expect what it is we think to be true.

When I hear Christ followers say they are striving or trying to walk in the Spirit, I cringe. Why? It’s this type of assumption that says: “I’m living according to the flesh and I need to be walking in the Spirit. Well, another day to try to do the Lord’s work. Try not to mess things up. Try to find God’s will for me today.”

What would it look like if the assumption were flipped?

“I’m alive in Christ and Christ in me. Another day for the Lord to do His work through me, Grace and mercy abound where I have failed, fallen, or flailed. Thankful for God’s perfect and pleasing will toward me; not only for me.”

Why aren’t Christians beginning their day assuming we are walking in the Spirit rather than spending the day trying to get to an emotional place of spirituality? We wake up the same person we were when we went to sleep last night. We can’t wake up someone else. That’s Hollywood theatrics! The same you that went to sleep last night is the same person who awoke this morning. The same Christ in you last night is the same Christ in you this morning.

The Spirit doesn’t take vacations. There’s no vacating once residence has been established. That’s a guarantee God Himself makes. To live the victorious Christian life, we must see victory as our relationship in Christ and the Christian life as Him living through us.

The Christian life is not measured by morality. Every human being, Christian or not, has capacity for moral living. The Christian life is measured by the belief that I am dead, no longer living for myself, but Christ actively and currently living in me. To assume less is to contradict the truth of your identity.

Do you need to change your assumption? That’s a key to changing beliefs and behaviors; two more critical points of walking in the Spirit.

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