Silence is Broken

Dear friends and followers of Reclaim Leadership,

The past six months have been a difficult and wonderful time for the ministry. Life happens and the season of silence on this blog has been a time of deep introspection and redefining of vision. I am convinced of the need for this ministry now more than ever! Your prayers are greatly needed and valued.

As blogs begin to post and ministry begins to happen, pray for those in ministry leadership that need encouragement in the face of daunting conflict and crisis. To that end, you will find this blog focusing more on what it means to Reclaim Leadership.

Over the next series of posts, I will be sharing “The Healing Power of Identity: Bringing Christ in You to the Pain of Conflict”. May it be a reminder to every believer that who you are in Christ is the bedrock of healthy ministry.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for participating. Thank you for praying.

Eric Willis
Executive Director
Reclaim Leadership

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