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In a reminiscing mood today. One of my early childhood memories has me seated in a bubble of plexi-glass. Gears and buttons of all shapes and sizes tempting me to touch. With long rotor blades idle over my head, I dreamed of flying that chopper on rescue missions into the jungles of Vietnam. It was 1970 something and it must have been “Bring your Grandson to work day” at Ft Sill in Lawton, Oklahoma. I would have been around the age of five or six. Young enough not to be a threat to national security, yet old enough to be seated in the cockpit of a helicopter in need of repair. It had seen some action and needed some attention from one of the Army’s finest mechanics: Harvey Willis (pictured below).  I remember my Grandfather and honor his memory as one of this country’s great veterans from a great generation.
In reflective moments like these, I wonder what stories my grandchildren will be passing down to their children about my contribution to my country and my family? I care about both and desire to make a difference in each. My forefathers set the example!


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