Lessons From 10 Days of Silence

How it happened… A big sneeze, held it in, felt a pop, it left the sensation of a small marble in my throat when I swallowed. I had a hemorrhaged vocal chord. My doctor sent me to a specialist where I was told “If you whisper, talk, sing, scream, cough, anything, you run the risk of damaging your voice forever. I need you to stay silent for the next few weeks.” I was given a button to wear that told people that I was under doctors orders not to talk.

Over the course of those weeks, I only spoke intentionally once and I learned that some things are more important than your voice… (A prayer of intercession for a friend who had just received a cancer diagnosis).

Life Lessons
People are easily offended if you don’t speak to them. They are both curious and uncomfortable.

Silence provides great opportunity to play charades.

Your coworkers will have fun wondering if the baby’s name will be John.

Don’t take a group of 7th graders on a mission journey when forced to be silent.

You can’t keep up a conversation by writing on a pad of paper. It takes forever!

You can’t talk yourself out of a situation when you’re silent. And when you write it down it just reinforces how wrong you are anyway.

When you’re silent, people talk to you like your deaf.

As an introvert, I actually enjoy silence.

Your agenda has no advocate. Quarrels and fights are silenced.

You get into your deepest thoughts when silent.

Silence isn’t normal and normal needs to be redefined.

7 Spiritual Implications
Life is too loud to attract us to the whisper of the Spirit. Silence is the door to His presence.

God hears our vocal cries, but He listens to our heart strings. Silence forces heart prayer that can’t hide behind verbal platitudes.

Worship is shallow when we’re listening to our own voice. Silence forces focus on the Object of our worship.

We waste a lot of words. Silence limits us to simplicity.

God speaks volumes when our volume is gone. Silence allows space for God to answer the questions we keep asking.

When you’re silent, you won’t say anything stupid or offensive but at the same time you won’t speak wisdom when needed. Silence is a filter for discernment.

God loves to spend time with us. It takes discipline and intention to place ourselves at His feet. Silence enhances our communion with God.

Colton Dixon sings: “If I had no voice, if I had no tongue, I would dance for You like the rising sun”… Silence allowed me to do a lot of dancing. This song put it in perspective for me: “You Are” by Colton Dixon

Practice silence… And let me know if you need to borrow my button.

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