Leading Well Through Conflict: What Now?

You’ve walked individuals through a reconciliation process and it’s time to say goodbye. What now? One of the greatest opportunities you have to grow in your leadership is to hear from those to whom you’ve ministered. Ask for feedback. Here are a few questions to consider:

1. How could this process have been more effective? Share your thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of the process.

2. Did I, as mediator, facilitate the process well? What feedback could you provide to help me?

3. What concepts, either new or reminded, were shared that helped you during the process?

4. When conflict occurs again in your life, do you feel more or less equipped to face it biblically?

There are many other questions good for receiving feedback. what others would you add?

It’s a good idea to ask for this feedback in writing. You can hand each party the questions as they leave with a request to have them send their responses back within a weeks time. In addition, follow up with a telephone call to encourage parties to follow through with the signed agreement. Your last communication is critical. Leave them knowing three things:
– There is hope in the Gospel message of Christ.
– Church leadership cares enough to pray for and encourage them.
– You remain available as they may need help in the future.

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