Reclaim Leadership: Why Eric Willis?

So why Eric Willis? What makes him the go to guy on conflict and crisis, especially in context of ministry?

You and I both know that education and work titles don’t begin to capture the true lessons learned in the trenches of ministry. But, for those of you who want to know that I have the background to deliver something of value, here’s a brief list of my education and experience:


– Bachelor of Arts, The University of Texas at Arlington, Major: History Minor: Geological Science (I used both sides of my brain for that degree!)

– Master of Arts, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Christian Education

– Master of Arts, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Marriage and Family Counseling (with practicum hours required for LPC in TX)

– Certified Christian Conciliator, Institute for Christian Conciliation; a division of Peacemaker Ministries

– Chaplain, Carrollton Police and Fire, State of Texas

– Chaplain, Victim Relief Ministries; Crisis Response and Disaster Relief

EXPERIENCE (or training ground for handling conflict biblically)

– Elder/Deacon Ministry (serving on the board gave me ample opportunity to experience great joy, frustration, and honed my sarcasm or was that jaded negativity I found myself swimming in?)

– Youth Ministry (I love kids… my kids… you can have your kids! I learned a lot about my calling during these years)

– Associate Pastor (It’s true: You do whatever the Senior Pastor wants or doesn’t want to do)

– Pastor of Caring Ministry (I love hurting people! Read that the way you want…)

– Lead Community Pastor (Overseeing a team of 4 Pastors, 3 Ministry Directors and Support Staff gave me practical shepherding opportunities)

– Reconciliation Pastor (Conflict Coaching, Mediation, legal binding Arbitration! Bring it to the church, don’t take it to court… yet!)

Okay, you get the gist. I’ve been educated in more ways than books can provide. The topic of this Reclaim Leadership blog is at the heart of who I am and how God has wired me to go about ministry. He began developing my passion to minister to other ministers before I finished seminary in 1999. By 2007, the ministry of Reclaim Leadership was birthed as a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Ministry with the purpose of “Reclaiming Ministers and Ministries in Crisis”.

As you enjoy the upcoming blog and pod-casts from Reclaim Leadership, my heart’s desire is to see you renewed, refreshed, and confident in facing difficult ministry situations. I hope my story gives you a glimmer of hope that God can use you by His strength as you are equipped and encouraged to stay the course of ministry!

So why Eric Willis? Honestly, because I’ve been in the trenches of ministry conflict; those spiritual battles that rage around us in vocational ministry. My goal is to infuse you with hope and biblical perspective so that you may hold boldly to our Lord as He affirms your calling and gives you the passion to pursue it wholeheartedly… even in the face of conflict!

To that end… Welcome to the Reclaim Leadership Blog.

Your fellow servant,


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  1. I think you are an awesome person, husband, dad, and pastor! I look forward to reading your blog post and the personal growth that will result!

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