Leading Well Through Conflict: First Response (1)

First ResponderThe leaders first response is post-assessment planning. Here are the four steps to take in order to assure a smooth transition toward healthy reconciliation:

1. Send intake paperwork to each party for them to provide the following information:

– Contact information, Church affiliation, what they believe about the Bible, their faith story, what they believe about the other party’s faith walk, what the issues are in the conflict, what they hope to get out of mediation, and best days/times to meet.

2. Personal interviews. Once you’ve recieved their intake paperwork, meet with each party individually to clarify pieces of their story, asking them to shed more light on the issues they wrote about. Take this time to prepare them for what is to come (details in upcoming posts). Gather as much data as possible by asking questions.

3. Give homework. Make it relevent to the conflict, measurable and biblical. Consider giving passages of Scripture that speak to conflict such as James 4: 1-3 and ask them to prayerfully apply that truth to themselves, listing how they have contributed to the conflict or how that passage applies. Allow ample time (2 weeks) for them to complete the assignment and return it to you. Do this for each of the parties involved.

4. Once the homework has been completed and returned by each party, set a meeting that fits everyone’s schedule based on the feedback from the intake paperwork. As the leader, choose a time that is best in your calendar.

Of these four steps, what clarifications are needed in order for you to move forward?

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