Disciple Maker: 4 Observations

An understood function of ministry leaders is to be intentional in making disciples. After all, that is a piece of the Great Commission. A few observations:
1. To make disciples, we must first be a disciple. Are you neglecting your own spiritual formation? What are you currently studying, reading, practicing that is inviting Christ to change you for His purposes?
2. To make disciples, we must have a plan. Some prefer to disciple a group while others prefer a process one-on-one. What have you decided works best to maximize your disciple making? Are you regimented with curriculum or more organic relationally? What is your plan for people and process?
3. To make disciples, we must make time. Looking at your calendar, do you have specific portions of your week to invest in another persons spiritual growth? Do you value your time as an investment in others journey or see these opportunities as infringing on the important duties that God has called you to be about?
4. To make disciples, we must remember whose disciple we are. Are you more concerned with creating an army of mini-you’s or intent on pointing people to Christ? The obvious answer isn’t always the motivation of our hearts. Filter the “why” of disciple-making before committing to disciple.

A final thought from Dallas Willard in his book “The Great Omission” (pg. 11):
“Is my first aim to make disciples? Or do I just run an operation?”

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