Intimacy… it’s as simple as letting another person access into who you really are. As leaders in ministry one of the most dangerous components of ministry is letting people get close to us and a┬ácommon mistake of ministry leaders is to isolate ourselves from close friendships among church members. What has been your experience with allowing church members “In-to-me-you-see”… intimacy with authenticity? Have you been burned or have you been blessed?

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  1. My father was a pastor for more than 50 years. He operated under the premise that if he had close friends in the church there would be congregants who thought of it as “playing favorites.” So, he avoided close friendships up until his last few years in ministry when he and my mother became very close with another couple their age. This late-in-life relationship was very rewarding for my parents, and I have no doubt that they regretted not having engaged in similar relationships decades earlier in their ministry.

    1. Thanks for sharing Kevin. So glad your Dad experienced the benefits of deep friendship. There is a difference in a minister’s demeanor who has a confidant and friend. May you enjoy longlasting friendships among those in your field of service!

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