The Day After…

We’re all just one stupid decision from doing the unthinkable. That truth rings out each time I talk with a man or woman who has decided to seek intimacy outside their marriage. My heart sinks each time I hear it. To think all of us are prone to wandering from the vows we take should provide motivation for us to run for the cover of God. Unfortunately, the power of sin points us running in the opposite direction. It’s nothing new! Remember what Adam and Eve did after sinning against God? They found a lush place in paradise to runĀ and hide. In the mayhem of the deceptive lie bought into by those who take the bait of Satan, families are destroyed, marriages are ruined, and personal lives are ripe for running from the One who loves them most. May we keep in mind Paul’s words to the church in Corinth as he warns them with the same applicable warning for us in 1 Corinthians 10:12. Take the warning and please don’t ever say you’re above the sin of adultery. Just the opposite; acknowledge you are able in any frail moment to take the bait of Satan… Then… Stand firm (verse 13).

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