Never Give Up! Always Give In…

I was reminded today that those of us in ministry leadership often try to prove our worth with the work we produce. We were taught from an early age to give 110% (although I never knew how to give more than 100%). The messages we received from parents, coaches, teachers, bosses, colleagues, and other influencers often went against what we know Scripture teaches us. Don’t get me wrong. These influencers cared about us and wanted to see us excel. However, their message of effort pointed us to ourselves to make it happen when Scripture clearly talks more of our weaknesses being more useful for the Lord’s strength to prove successful. May we never give up; but may we always give in. Give in to the guidance, prompting, and power of the Spirit within us as we work. We work not for man’s accolades, but for the glory of our Lord. Hmmm, maybe that’s how we get 110%.

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