The desert has a purpose…

The recent heat here in Texas has turned the landscape into a desert! Some of you live in the desert; friends in Arizona, New Mexico and other places in the Southwest. You’re somewhat used to the high temps and dry air. It’s taking a toll on those of us not used to the prolonged heat. We’re about to break a 20 year record of over 40 days of temps at or above 100 degrees! I took this heatwave to dive into scripture and look at the desert. To my surprise, I found solace there… there’s a purpose for the desert! Hosea 2:14 shows the heart of God desiring to “allure” His people into a place of desolation in order to lovingly speak to them. WOW! Our desert is our opportunity to listen to the loving words of our Creator! When you find yourself in the desert, before¬†expending your energy on getting out, seek to listen for the loving voice of God.

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