Sabbati-Log 3

Sabbatical is going well. I’ve done a good job of disconnecting and not checking email. The past week has been busy with the boys finishing up another year of school. I’ve attended elementary school awards programs, junior high band recital, and been watching the boys play baseball. I’ve finished reading two books: one got my blood going the other got me wondering. Jennifer and I got away for the weekend to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary… I am a blessed man! This video captures a moment with my oldest son Caleb and me. He wouldn’t go fishing with me, so I joined in on his form of entertainment. He was wanting to go fishing by the time it was over!   Sabbati-Log 3

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    1. The wii is one of those things I’ve not engaged. It was fun, but more than that it was a great way to grab some time with Caleb. I’m thinking it may be the key to unlocking some hang time with all the boys this summer.

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