Sinner vs. Sinful

I recently tweeted that sin in the Christ follower is identifiable, but it is not our identity. The confusion comes when we, as believers, tell others we are a sinner. Sorry. Can’t find that in Scripture… A more accurate statement would acknowlege that we as believer’s are at times sinful. I like how my pastor puts it: “We are not sinners, we are saints who sometimes sin.”
Have you thought of yourself in that way? You know the verse about being “…crucified with Christ, I no longer live, but Christ lives in me”… The moment our dead spirit recieves the new life of Christ, our identity is with him and no longer with sin.
You are at your core and identity a saint who at times exhibits sinful behavior. So are you a sinner or at times sinful?

2 Replies to “Sinner vs. Sinful”

  1. We as humans will always fail in the sin department because the only perfect person to ever walk this earth died on the cross for our sins. That being said we must set the example at all times to be Christ like in our behavior. If you stumble, and you will, remember to ask God for forgiveness, learn from your mistake and move on.

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