New Year; Old Fear

Looking at landing 2010, I feel a little bit like this picture; it captures the need to get out of the way and the need to go somewhere fast!  I see so many blessings from this past year, but I also see many opportunities missed. Why did I miss them?

I’ve boiled it down to one word: Fear. I was too afraid of what I would lose or potentially lose if I would have taken a chance on an opportunity. Fear that I was either moving too slowly or too quickly to be securely in the will of God. Fear paralyzes…

2011 is full of many unknown variables ripe with potential. As I look ahead, there is a growing sense of anticipation; an excitement for what is about to happen. It will have a tendency to unveil or unravel.  Either way, Proverbs 16:9 is a great reminder to go ahead and lean into some plans for the New Year. “Man makes his plans, but the LORD directs his steps.” God has us. Where will you lay aside fear and choose to plan to pursue opportunities in 2011?

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