Christmas Humiliation

Christmas. A wonderful time of year… kids waiting for Santa, parents watching their faces of anticipation and the food! Watching a favorite Christmas classic “A Christmas Story” I was laughing again at Aunt Clara’s gift to Ralphie. You remember the bright pink bunny footed pajamas with ears to match. Standing on the stairs his thoughts go to humiliation beyond humiliation. Dad gave some honest feedback “You look like a deranged Easter Bunny…” a sympathatic Dad eventually gave him an out “…you want to take it off?” Ralphie didn’t think twice as he flew up the stairs to make himself more respectable. One of the great funny moments of the story!
How often have we stood in humiliation desperately needing to receive an out from our Heavenly Daddy? He’s given it this season, Emmanuel, God with us, Jesus the Christ! He’s made us more respectable by His offer of forgiveness. Let 2011 be the year you take the deranged bunny pajamas off and live forgiven.
"Christmas Humiliation"

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